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Name: Leah Cruise

Age: I stopped counting at 25!

Height: 5' 5'' but it's tall enough to kick your ass!

Birthday: November 1st

Current Address: Dodgeville, WI

Area of D99.3 Expertise: I'm the back-up plan! You just never know when I'll invade your radio again!

Hobbies: Epic road trips and other traveling adventures, golf, and instagramming!

Favorite Artists: Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Thompson Square, and Gary Allan!

Favorite Smell: Gunpowder, grilling, and rain!

Least Favorite Smell: Wet dog and cup o'soup farts!

What's the First Thing You Think When You Wake Up in the Morning?: Did I text/post anything stupid last night when I was half asleep?!

Any Kids?: I have a son named Madden

Do You Drive Fast?: Let's just say I average one speeding ticket per year!

Favorite Alcoholic Drinks: Miller High Life, Leinenkugels, and Bloody Marys!

What's under your bed?: The Boogyman!

Embarrassing Story About You: MY LIFE!

Favorite Quotes: "Have I Gone Mad"?! "I'm Afraid So. You're Entirely Bonkers, But I'll Tell You A Secret, All The Best People Are!"

Favorite Movies: Anchor Man, Inception, and Napoleon Dynamite!

My Favorite Websites are....

Thanks for listening to D99.3!!! We have the most loyal listeners around!!!

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