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Name: Paul Mason
Age: 27
Height: 5'8"
Birthday: March 27th
Current Address: Cuba City, WI
Area of D99.3 Expertise: Fill-in for burned out DJs!
Hobby: Sports/fitness, playing guitar, getting tattoos, spending time with my girlfriend, son, family, and friends.
Favorite Songs: I enjoy the harder edged country we play on D99.3! My personal favorite tunes are: Black Stone Cherry "STAY", Shaman's Harvest "DRAGONFLY, and Theory Of A Deadman "Santa Monica"
Favorite Smell: Popcorn
Least Favorite Smell: The farm behind our house!
What's the First Thing You Think When You Wake Up in the Morning?: WHERE AM I?!
Any Kids: 1 Son: Peyton (P-Pants)
Do You Drive Fast?: Faster than the average joe!
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Jack and Coke!
What's under your bed?: I have no idea! Scary, huh?
Cats or Dogs: One dog: Duncan. A tiny, hyper little maniac!
Embarrassing Story About You: I couldn't get my drivers license until I was 17 because the hospital I was born in lost my birth certificate and never sent it to the courthouse! So, the state of Illinois had to make a new birth certificate for me before I could get my license!
Little Known Facts About You: I'm covered in tattoos. My full time job is a journalist and photographer for a newspaper. I'm a huge MMA fan. I've acted in a few independent films (no autographs, please). I might be the most laid back easy going person ever.

My Favorite Websites are....

Jennifer Mick | Michael Anthony | Bob Brainerd | RC Johnson
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