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Name: Jennifer
Age: Like a fine wine!
Height: 4'4"
Weight: Perfect if I were 9 feet tall
Birthday: Dec 11th
Current Address: North of Calamine, between Darlington and Mineral Point...I think I have some of the best views from my front porch and backyard! It's purty!
Area of D99.3 Expertise: Hasn't been determined yet but I get to be on the radio in the mornings. Alot. I am also the executive director of The Public Opinion and Works Department.
Hobby: Deleting silly email questionaires!
Favorite Smell: Crisp, green money.
Least Favorite Smell: Pork and beans! I hate it! I'm gagging just thinking about it!
What's the First Thing You Think When You Wake Up in the Morning?: Is Michael wasting his time wondering if the station is on the air??? Is it Sunday? Do I have to get up???
Any Kids: One beautiful daughter - Courtney Geraldine!
Do You Drive Fast?: Depends on what I am truck doesnt seem to want to break the 60 mph mark, if I am driving something that was made to go fast, well then, yea! (but within the legal speed limit of course)
Favorite Alchoholic Drink: An ice cold Bud Lt. (or 4) is always nice, and my neighbors home-made Pear Wine! yummmmm other stuff too! What's under your bed?: Whips, chains, dirty magazines and the cute dust bunnies from the kids show Big Comfy Couch (editor note: this is probably true...except for the dust bunny part...)
Cats or Dogs: Some.
Embarrassing Story About You: (Jen wouldn't provide us with any embarrassing stories, so you'll just have to listen 5-10 each weekday morning so you can hear them as they happen!)
Little Known Facts About You: I want to take naps at 2pm, I procrastinate, I dislike people who bully others!, I like to have fun ( but that should'nt be a little known fact), I do not watch the view! I like Pie, I like Nachos. I like frozen yogurt! ( the previous 3 statements are from my current favs in the cartoon world!) you'll have to ask me later for more....

My Favorite Websites are.... (charlie is the MAN!)
and I suppose....!!
Thanks for listening and for all the great feedback! Our listeners are the best! You kick butt! I'm happy being part of such a fun thing that we call "Work" We love doing what we do at D99.3, thanks for being part of the success!

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