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Name: Zak Stevens

Birthday: July 10th

Area of D99.3 Expertise: Sunday mornings and fill-ins!

Hobbies: Golf, bowling, hanging out with the family, watching sports and cooking shows.

Favorite Songs: Anything Johnny Cash. "Way Out Here" by Josh Thompson and "El Paso" by Marty Robbins.

Favorite Smell: Freshly cut grass on the golf course. A fired up charcoal grill. Basically any kind of food that I cook...and no, I won't cook you dinner unless you're my wife or kids or you've gotten a personal invitation to join us.

What's the First Thing You Think When You Wake Up in the Morning?: Where am I and where are my pants?

Any Kids?: 4 - Logan, Julianne, Corinne, and Mason

Any Pets?: 2 cats-George & Jesse. 1 Dog-Wags

Favorite Food: Anything grilled.

Do You Drive Fast?: Sorry if I tailgated you racing to's the Kyle Busch in me

Favorite Alchoholic Drink: Non-Alcoholic: Arnold Palmer (Iced tea and lemondade) / Alcoholic: Arnold Palmer with Absolut and beer

Embarrassing Story About You: We had to do a group project in high school about women, but out of the four of us, there was only one female in the group. So we had to dress up as women for the project. As the three of us guys were getting dressed in the men's restroom, the Assistant Principal walked in and looked really confused, excused himself and ran away. We tried to tell him that he was in the right place, but he was too fast.

Favorite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother

Favorite Movies: Airplane, Caddyshack, Star Trek

Favorite Quotes: "The next song doesn't go something like goes EXACTLY like this!"

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