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Birthday: DEC. 12

Current Address: Platteville

Area of D99.3 Expertise: Saturday Afternoons & Fill-ins

Hobbies: Gaming/Drawing

Favorite D99.3 Artist: Kid Rock

Favorite Non-D99.3 Artist: ONCE AROUND!!!

Favorite Smell: Snozzberries

Least Favorite Smell: Dirty dishes

Favorite Color: Tie: Purple/Black

Favorite Sports & Sports Teams: Football. Minnesota Vikings!

If You Could Switch Places With Any Famous Celebrity, Who Would It Be?: Myself cuz there is nobody else I would rather be!

Favorite Movies: The Mask/Rockstar

Favorite TV Shows: My life everyday

What's The First Thing You Think When You Wake Up In The Morning?: It's showtime!

Any Pets?: Cat-Delilah

Significant other?: Girlfriend-Riley

What's Under Your Bed?: A popular monster

Favorite Social Media Person To Follow?: Joe Rogan

What Is Your Instagram Handle So We Can Follow You?: @SebastianJamesOA

Embarrassing Story About You: One night I sang the first verse of a song twice...then did it again on the very next song! Oops!

Little Known Fact About You: Maybe not little known but I am the lead singer for the band ONCE AROUND. We have had 3 Billboard Rock chart far :)

My Favorite Websites are....

Jennifer Mick | Michael Anthony | Zak Stevens | Nikki Lee
| RC Johnson
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